Drum Pump Packages

Standard has taken the initiative and packaged complimentary pump and accessory components to form a complete solution for a variety of applications. Packages are available for general transfer and metering applications. Packages include pump tube, motor, hand nozzle, PVS flexible hose, barrel adapter, wall storage bracket and flow meter if applicable.

Pump Package 1Pump Package 2Pump Package 3
 Pump Package 1 — Water Treatment Chemicals  Pump-package 2  Pump Package 3 - Concentrated Acids & Alkalis
Water Treatment Chemicals Acids & Alkalis Concentrated Acids & Alkalis

Pump Package 4Pump Package 5Pump Package 6
Pump Package 4 - Acids & Alkalis measurement  Pump Package 5 — Concentrated Acids & Alkalis measurement Pump Package 6 — Mineral Acids 
Acids & Alkalis measurement Concentrated Acids & alkalis measurement Mineral Acids

Pump Package 7Pump Package 8Pump Package 9
Pump Package 7 — Non-corrosive liquids and light oilsPump Package 8 — AtEx Pump PackagePump Package 9 — Flammable and combustible liquids
Non-corrosive liquidsFlammable & combustible liquids (AIR)Flammable & combustible liquids (ELECTRIC)

Pump Package SPEK-PPSPump Package SPEK-ALU-ATEXPump Package SPEK-ALU-ATEX-AIR
Pump Package — SPEK-PPS A,B,CPump Package SPEK-ALU-ATEXPump Package SPEK-ALU-ATEX-AIR 
Water Treatment Chemicals Flammable liquidsFlammable liquids (AIR)