Turbine Flow Meters

STANDARD’s Flow Meters address a broad scope of applications ranging from inert solutions to aggressive chemicals. These meters utilize a proven paddle wheel design and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Meters are available in three configurations: Kits for Drum Pumps, Barb Connections, or Permanent Installation.

Common Applications

  • Pump Monitering 
  • Gravity Feed Applications from tanks
  • Continuous Flow Measurement
  • Adding Chemistry to Plating Tanks
  • Chemical Packaging 
  • Blending Agricultural Products
  • Adding Colors and Fragrances


  • Measures Flow Rates and Volume
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Re-settable Totalizer
  • Battery Status Indicator 
  • User Friendly "In Field" Calibration
  • EE Prom Electronics
  • Two Line Alphanumeric display shows flow rates and total flow together 

Technical Data

Volume Flow Range:   5 – 90 LPM
Nominal Width:   1" external threat
Viscosity Range:   0,8 – 40 mPas
Protection Category:   IP 65
Operating Pressure:   4 bar
Pulser Output:   Optional, 25 Imp/l
Accuracy Uncalibrated*:   ± 2%
Accuracy Calibrated*:   ± 1%
Repeat Accuracy:   ± 0,5 %
Dimensions Approx.:   90 x 130 x 61 mm
Weight Approx.:   0,3 kg
Temperature Range
Operation:   -10 °C – +50°C 
Storage:   -20°C – +70°C
Battery:   Li-MO, Type CR ½ AA, 3, 6 V 1200 mAh, exchangeab). 
* Test assembly: Medium water, settling section of 0.2 m before and behind meter.