Pump Package SPEK-ALU-ATEX

Standard Pumps Explosion Proof Drum Pump is designed safely transfer highly flammable/combustible liquids and meets the stringent safety requirements of the Chemical Processing Industry. Common applications include: Alcohol, Isopropyl Ether, Gasoline, Solvents, Aqueous Ammonia and Petroleum products. 

Motor Type: SP-420EX (IP54)

Pump Assembly: Aluminium

Pump Length: 39" (1000mm), 47" (1200mm)

Hose: 1,8m, I D 1" (25 mm) AtEx / Chemical Hose

Dispensing Nozzle: 1" (25mm), Aluminium

Barrel Adapter: Aluminium

Storage Bracket: Stainless Steel

Max. Flow Rate: 83 LPM (based on water)

Max. Viscosity: 750 cps (mPas)

Max. Temperature: 40°C (non-AtEx Application: 80°C)

Part Number


  Pump Length
SPEK-ALU-ATEX-39   220-240V   39" (1000 mm)
SPEK-ALU-ATEX-47   220-240V   47" (1200 mm)

Pump packages available in 110/120V versions on request.