Pump Package 5 — Concentrated Acids & Alkalis measurement 

Unique design allows users to safely measure and transfer concentrated and very aggressive liquids. Common applications include: Sulfuric Acid 66 Baume, Propionic Acid, concentrated Nitric (98 %) and Hydrofluoric Acid.

Motor type: SP-ENC-2-V (B) or SPE-450V (C)

Pump Assembly: PVDF (Kynar®)

Pump Lengths: 39" (1000mm) or 47" (1200mm)

Hose: 1,8 m, I.D. 1" (25mm) AtEx/Chemical Hose

Dispensing Nozzle: 1" (25mm), PVDF (Viton® or EPDM o-ring)

Flow meter: Digital / PVDF

Barrel Adapter: Polypropylene

Storage Bracket: Steel

Max. Flow Rate: 61 l/min (based on water) (SP-ENC-2-V)

Max. Viscosity: 300 cps (mPas)

Max. Temperature: 80°C

Part Number   Voltage   Pump Length
9511B   220-240V   39" (1000 mm)
9511C   220-240V   47" (1200 mm)
9513B   220-240V   39" (1000 mm)
9513C   220-240V   47" (1200 mm)

Pump packages available in 110/120V versions on request.

Warning: Not suitable for pumping flammable or combustible liquids.