About Us

We are fluid transfer experts.

It is Standard Pump Europe’s overall mission to provide high quality pumps and service that go beyond the expected. Our ambition is to set new industry standards for safety, customer service and value.

Since 2010, Standard Pump Europe A/S has been working with a wide range of distributors and dealers across Europe. Standard Pump’s industrial product line offers a wide range of highly reliable and efficient pumps for use in (among others) chemical processing, water treatment, metal finishing, plating, agriculture and the petroleum industry as well as other specialized application areas. Standard Pump Europe’s sanitary line of pumps are specifically engineered for hygienic applications requiring food and/or pharmaceutical compliant processes. Our entire product portfolio is designed to meet market demands for highly efficient, reliable and environmentally responsive pumps.

Combining high quality parts, made in the USA and assembled in Denmark, Standard Pump Europe assures quick turnaround and servicing from our European warehouse and headquarters in Hillerød, Denmark. Providing reliable and effective fluid transfer solutions of all kinds is our promise – and with our 3 year guarantee on our pumps and motors we can minimize downtime for all European customers.

If you have a unique fluid transfer problem, our technical experts are on hand to find a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution for you.