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Flow Meter – FMOG | ALU

The FMOG is a volume meter for flowing fluids working on the principle of an oval gear meter. The product is suitable to be used as a stationary counter, or a hand flow meter. The pulse generator allows use in a fluid management system.

Part NumberTypeMaterialIntake
SPE-FMOG-ALU-HVFMOG without pulse outputALUleft
SPE-FMOG-ALU-HVPFMOG with pulse outputALUleft
SPE-FMOG-PEEK-LVFMOG without pulse outputPEEKleft
SPE-FMOG-PEEK-LVPFMOG with pulse outputPEEKleft
SPE-FMT-CONPPConnector kit for FMOG, ALUPP
SPE-FMT-CONPConnector kit for FMOG, PEEKPP
(2 pcs. incl.)
Technical Specifications
Low Viscosity (LV)High Viscosity
Viscosity Range1 – 20 mPas20 – 2000 mPas
Protection CategoryIP 65IP 65
Smallest volume flow Q min2 l/min1 l/min
Largest volume flow Q max30 l/min15 l/min
Max Operating Pressure4 bar10 bar
Thread connectionG 1" exitG ½" inlet
Accuracy after calibration*± 1%
± 0,5 %
± 1%
± 0,5 %
Dimensions90 x 135* x 6 mm
*flow direction
90 x 135* x 6 mm
*flow direction
Weight Approx.0,5 kg0,5 kg
Operation temperature-10 °C – +50°C-10 °C – +50°C
Storage temperature-20°C – +70°C-20°C – +70°C
BatteryLithium batteryLithium battery


  • Pump Monitoring
  • Gravity Feed Applications From Tanks
  • Continuous Flow Measurement
  • Adding Chemistry to Plating Tanks
  • Adding Colors and Fragrances
  • Blending Agricultural Products
  • Chemical Packaging


  • Measures Flow Rate and Volume
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Resettable Totalizer
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • User Friendly “In Field” Calibration
  • EE Prom Electronics
  • Two Line Alphanumeric Display Shows
Not suitable for pumping flammable or combustible liquids.